A Powerful Virtual
Terminal and
Gateway, For Free.

Created by MerchantPlus, the NaviGate Payment Gateway offers a fast, easy-to-use and powerful platform to process credit card transactions.

Powerful API and Compatible with Authorize.net - NaviGate works with thousands of third party scripts and shopping carts by offering an emulation mode for the popular Authorize.net Advanced Integration Method API. Read our full online developer documentation here.

Multiple User Support - NaviGate allows multiple users within an organization with comprehensive logging features. This allows a company administrator to limit access to specific transaction types providing an audit trail that can link any action to any given user.

Control Fraud with Custom Security Settings - With full CVV2 and AVS, NaviGate arms you with the tools you need to transact with safety and protect against costly chargebacks.

Compatible with Today’s Most Popular Shopping Carts - Please visit NaviGate’s supported shopping cart list to see if your cart is supported. More carts, billing systems and applications are added each month!

Powerful Virtual Terminal and Realtime Reporting - NaviGate allows merchants to seamlessly integrate with their website’s checkout process or use a free payment script for online purchases. A virtual terminal allows MOTO (mail order/telephone order) transactions to be manually entered over the web with a 3 second approval time.

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Gateway Tour

You can checkout the gateway’s key features screenshots: Launch Tour
  • Powerful API Compatible with Authorize.net

  • Online Virtual Terminal

  • Custom Reports and Alerts

  • Included for Free with all Accounts