Access global acquirers and the most advanced technology platforms through a consultative relationship.

MerchantPlus' Enterprise Packages offer advanced payment options for global large businesses processing over $500,000/mo in electronic transactions.

  • Comprehensive Solutions MerchantPlus and its ROIPayments consulting arm implement cutting edge, efficient and results-oriented payment strategies for growing companies.

  • Transparent Pricing Clear and published pricing, statements and data feeds that prioritize transparency and ease of back office reconciliation

  • Advanced Capabilities

    • Global Merchant Acquiring
    • Processor Independent Platform
    • Support for Global Payments
    • Wide Range of Alternative Payments
    • Multi Currency Presentment and Settlement
    • Interchange Optimization

Account Starting at

$ 299 / mo

Fees <0.02% above interchange

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  • Flexible Multi-Currency Options
  • Processor Independence
  • Support for Card Present
  • Advanced Fraud Tools
  • Alternative Payment Support
  • Marketplace Support
  • Dynamic Descriptors
  • Multi-Processor Load Balancing
  • Limited
  • Limited
  • Limited
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Dedicated Support

MerchantPlus supports its merchants directly from our NYC headquarters. No offshore call centers or dialing through complicated IVR’s.

24 x 7 online helpdesk with business hours live chat to solve your problems quickly.

Technical integration experts available to support you and your team.

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