Getting Started with NaviGate!


Now that you have taken the first step into accepting payments by signing up for this awesome merchant account, here are some pointers that you may find helpful

1. How do I access my gateway?

In order to access your account all you will need to do is open up your web browser> type in the following link Once you reach that page all you will need is your Username and Password, which will be provided to you via email.

2. Yay! I’m in my gateway! Now what?

Once you are logged in processing and viewing transactions is a seamless process. We have designed NaviGate to be as tech friendly as possible, making it easy for anyone to accept payments via this powerful gateway. Here are some of the tabs you will find most useful:

  • Manage Money:  Allows you to process transactions, set up recurring transactions (charge your existing clients on a daily, weekly or monthly basis), View your transactions.
  • My Account:  Provides you an overall view of activity in your gateway, including Recent Settlements, Pending Transactions, Settled Transactions and Recent Transactions.
  • Profile and Settings:  Set up account settings, security settings, email notifications

3. Now first order of business before processing your first transaction!

Make sure to set up your initial account and security settings, as well as process a test transaction to make sure all is a go.

Account Settings

  • Test Mode vs. Live Mode: Go to your Profile & Settings> Account Settings (which you will find on your left column) > Account Mode > Edit> Operate in Live or Test Mode (test mode allows you to process test transactions to insure your gateway or integration with your shopping cart is working properly). In order to process actual transactions your account should always be set to Live Mode.
  • Email Settings: This allows you to set up your transaction receipt options for yourself and the customer.
  • Daily Settlement Settings: If you would like to receive a notification when your transactions have settled each day this option should be set to Yes. As for the settlement time option the cut off time for transactions to be settled that day is 5:00pm EST. Any transactions done after that time will be settled the next day.

Security Settings

  • AVS Settings: This option allows you to set up declines based on Address Verification. We advise you at least have Reject If “Street address matches but ZIP code does not.” And “Street Address does not match.” Any transactions that do not meet these requirements will be automatically declined.
  • CVV Settings: We advise you have Reject If “Card Code does not match”, to insure you protect yourself from any fraudulent charges.