Created by MerchantPlus, the NaviGate Payment Gateway offers a fast, easy-to-use and powerful platform to process credit card transactions.

  • Powerful API and Compatible with – NaviGate works with thousands of third party scripts and shopping carts by offering an emulation mode for the popular Advanced Integration Method API.   Read our full online developer documentation here.
  • Multiple User Support – NaviGate allows multiple users within an organization with comprehensive logging features. This allows a company administrator to limit access to specific transaction types providing an audit trail that can link any action to any given user.
  • Control Fraud with Custom Security Settings – With full CVV2 and AVS, NaviGate arms you with the tools you need to transact with safety and protect against costly chargebacks.
  • Compatible with Today’s Most Popular Shopping Carts – Please visit NaviGate’s supported shopping cart list to see if your cart is supported. More carts, billing systems and applications are added each month!
  • Powerful Virtual Terminal and Realtime Reporting – NaviGate allows merchants to seamlessly integrate with their website’s checkout process or use a free payment script for online purchases.  A virtual terminal allows MOTO (mail order/telephone order) transactions to be manually entered over the web with a 3 second approval time.

Demo the gateway for free by contacting the MerchantPlus Support at [email protected] to obtain a test login!

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